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Promotional Neck Lanyard

Item Number: Promotional Neck Lanyard Catalog Image

Get your promotional neck lanyard. They are a great value and an awesome way to keep track of your keys while promoting. This lanyard is available in light blue, lime green, yellow, black, white, pink, and dark gray.

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Key Chain

Item Number: Key Chain Catalog Image

These key chain bottle openers come in handy for a night out on the town. They are very affordable and a great way to get our brand out there. They are available in chrome, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, and black.

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Reception Desk 2

Item Number: Reception Desk 2 Catalog Image

There are three options to choose from when picking a reception desk.

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Reception Desk 1

Item Number: Reception Desk 1 Catalog Image

There are three different reception area desks that can be chosen from. This one is better for smaller reception areas so there is plenty of room left for seating.

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Office VP

Item Number: Office VP Catalog Image

The Office VP receives a spacious private office with a large desk, extra storage space, ergonomic chair, guest seating, telephone, high- speed Internet access, and a formal seating area.

The desk and furniture is also available in a Cherry or Mahogany finish at price.   

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Individual Work Station

Item Number: Individual Work Station Catalog Image

This work station is for departments that don't need to interact much and allow individuals to have their own private work space free from distractions.

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In-House Conference Room

Item Number: In-House Conference Room Catalog Image

This conference room is equipped with high-speed Internet access, ergonomic chairs, hard writing surfaces, and a whiteboard. It is perfect for small in-house meetings where a projector is not needed. 


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Guest Chair

Item Number: Guest Chair Catalog Image

This guest chair is comfortable and suited to put your clients at ease. The back on the chair is optional in black, cream, navy, olive green, and burgundy. 



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Executive Conference Room

Item Number: Executive Conference Room Catalog Image

The Executive Conference Room offers a 42-inch plasma screen monitor complete with a fully-integrated and electronic whiteboard, a printer, wireless high-speed Internet capabilities, an electronic drop-down screen, built-in LCD projector, and  leather ergonomic chairs.

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Department Work Station

Item Number: Department Work Station Catalog Image

This work station is preferable for departments that need to work together and communicate often, yet still allowing individuals their own private work space.

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